CAM showing 'Fingerprint error'

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  • I'm tying to use a Conax CAM CI+ 1,3. It shows 'Fingerprint error' at the time of initialization and does not clear any channels. I have tried OpenPLi, OpenATV and OpenViX latest images but the result is the same. This CAM works with Edision Piccollo receiver without any issue. It shows the same error but kind of works in Hisense TV (only one channel works at a time) after playing around a bit. And of course it works without any issues with the receiver intended by the TV provider.

    Is there any way to get this working in Formuler F4 turbo? What changes are required to be made?


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  • I'm sorry, there is no cam support in the forum.

    There are ways to make it work.

    Please use google

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  • Hi,

    search on mentioned image forums for latest CI Plus Helper, i think only this addon can let your CI Modul work.

  • Thanks SAM. I've been trying to make it work using ciplushelper without any success so far. What makes it more difficult is apparently different version of this plugin are meant for different (version of) images.

    Is there any way to confirm whether ciplushelper is the way forward? I want to rule out the possibility that any driver modifications are necessary for this.