Update TvOnline 1.9.8.rxxx → Big Failure!!

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  • hello,

    I own an Formuler 7 Z+ "up to date" .. with the exception of "tvonline"...

    Today i get the message to update tvonline to the lastest revision, and as soon the box restarted TVonline app wos broken !?

    I get the infinity update loop asking me to update to the latest version constantly !??!!

    Uninstalling the app / reinstalling through market place didnt help nor an factory reset did help (just great!!)

    Don't expect an quick fix from any one, just want to report this poor developed update !!

    ps: I do like to know if there's away to reject an update and continue to use current version of TVonline in the futurer (anyone ?)...


  • SAME HAPPEN TO ME!!! MyTvOnline didn't work!!!

  • after many attempts, I did a reset and installed the update. now I have to configure all the applications again.
    I hope there are not many updates of this type

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  • Went fine but had to redo my favorites. What's better is that the last tv channel watched immediately starts showing when the box is turned on from standby. Don't have to wait a few seconds showing loading screen from my iptv provider m3u portal and the epg is already listed too.

  • After updating to 1.2.71 / 1.9.80 and resetting the andoroid tools and passing through the initial settings, I received a message about the installation error MOL. Did a re-update MOL Box earned normal!

    But, nerves spent. Give compensation!

    "No man is an island."