Formuler Z Prime, unable to connect to internet (WiFi & Cabled)

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  • Hi,

    Hope some of you folks can help with my issue... :)

    It seems all of a sudden I am unable to connect to the internet via my Formuler Z Prime unit (current Firmware version: v2.8.71). I have tried via WiFI & Cable connection.

    I have also tried a Factory Reset of both my Z Prime unit and my Router. Any software on the unit that uses internet (MyTV Online, YouTube, Google Play etc) complains there is no connection however I have the WiFI and/or Cable connection icon appearing beside the date/time. When I view the WiFi settings etc it says it is connected to the internet but the apps say different ?(

    I have tried this Wireless and Wired. Powered off for a time, Factory Reset, connect cable (or WiFi), time/date updates (from internet) but any application I try says there is no network/connection.

    Can anyone shed any light on what is going on? has my unit suddenly given up?! I have tried several Factory Resets of both unit and Router and I'm still in same situation as before I started ;(

    I know the Router/Internet is working as I have other devices that can connect and are using the internet.

    Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Colin,

    Does the box get any IP from the router (does dhcp works)? Could you tell us current working firmware and SW version on your z prime?

    Give the box and box in router static ip, then restart the box.

    Screenshots from Wifi and Ethernet settings would be also helpful, please upload.

  • SAM

    Closed the thread.