please check portal url issue

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  • Hello,

    I have a new Z+ 5g

    Firmware v1.2.76

    Mytvonline It will not connect to my providers m3u url.

    I download IPTV Smarters to test the url on this unit and everything loads fine.

    Once I install the latest version of Mytvonline, I then loose all but three categories in IPTV Smarters.

    I then did a factory reset and did not reinstall Mytvonline and reinstalled Smarters and everything comes back.

    My friend is using the same provider with the Z8 and Mytvonline v2 with no issues.

    Any idea why v1 will not connect?

    Thanks in advance

  • Mytvonline It will not connect to my providers m3u url.

    What happens when you connect. Comes some error, what happens exactly? Did you check twice inserted url?

    How to use MAC/ID portal, Xtrema Codes Api (XC) and M3U Url on Formuler Boxes.

  • It doesn't give an error,. It first says connecting to.... the I get a small popup that say something like "Unable to connect. Please check your portal url"

    I entered it several times to make sure. I of course I first thought that I must have entered it wrong, but not four times.

    To make sure the service was up and running I typed the url into my Apple tv and it came up with no issues.

    Then I did the factory reset and installed Smarters. That worked on the z7+ 5g with no issues.

    I then installed mytiveonline 1.95 and it would not connect with the url.

    I then launched Smarters again and lost most of the categories.

    I uninstalled mytiveonline rebooted the box and I still could not get everything back in Smarters.

    I had to reset the box again and then re-install Smarters and everything worked fine.

    There is something with this version that doesn't like the url.

    Any thoughts?

  • Did you input the m3u URL in the Playlist slot in MYTVOnline1?

    If you input the m3u URL in a PORTAL slot, it won't work.

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