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  • hi, how i can navigate right left??? up down works and there i can select with mouse courser but not allone with up down left right... whats wrong with the z8 so much dont works correcty. movie better qualiti as on firetv but on firetv i can navigate without problems.

    i think z8 is a a very bad box 5

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Dazan - Navigation” to “Dazn - Navigation”.
  • Nothing work, reset box config new install new dazn, ne left right. up down ok but left right nothing see max. 4 all right nothing. and to start a cl game i take the mouse other nothing work.

    but now I do not care more.

    send box retour after 12 days only problem with this z8 box says me its a shit product never buy. bye bye formular

  • Goodbye.

    If you stayed around long enough, you would have found out that you probably need to install the Android TV version of the app in order to navigate the app with the d-pad buttons.

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