Playlist and EPG to USB

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  • Hi all,

    A quick query about the ability to upload playlist and EPG details to the z8 box.

    My provider originally sent me a portal link which I inputted to test a service and after that trial was over, they sent me playlist details and an EPG list.

    Reading through your forum, this would appear to be the M3U method of delivery, right?

    The thing is, both of these log in details are such a long string of text that I thought, 'wouldn't it be good if you could stick this in a .txt and upload it right away?'.

    So, having read around the forum, I've picked up scraps of information about putting the file into a .m3u file and into a folder called M3U.

    But when I then try to load the EPG, it says there is either no M3U folder or sometimes it says the M3U folder is empty.

    What clear step am I missing? For clarity, and with no previous experience of this kind of thing, here is what I am doing;

    1. Copying EPG details from email to .txt document

    2. Saving .txt document as EPG.m3u

    3. Putting EPG.m3u into a folder called M3U

    4. Putting M3U folder onto a USB stick

    5. Trying to upload it to the EPG section of the Playlist page on the z8

    Now, weirdly, it comes up blank on the EPG section of the Playlist page but if I was to try and enter that into the other two parts of the Playlist page, it gives me the potential option to upload it there - VOD Url or Playlist Url.

    Again, very new to all this and I have tried to experiment over a number of days so this isn't a post made without doing some reading around first! :saint:

  • The method you have used to input the m3u url (.txt document) is wrong.

    Either input the entire URL into the "Add Playlist" dialog in MOL2 or,

    Convert your long m3u URL into a Portal login so you don't have to type the long URL.

    There IS a way to download an m3u file to your PC and then copy it to a USB, but this is only recommended for advanced users who understand the limitations of this method.

    The same goes for using a static xmltv file.

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  • Does MOL2 - Z8 reads RTP Streams ?

    Example :


    #EXTINF:-1,|XX| XXX


    I put the m3u file on a usb stick that is recognized but the channel remains black.

    It works fine with other apps.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Open new support ticket for this at

    Unsolicited PMs for support will be ignored.

    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.