Recording File Sizes Shrink to Zero - After some time or more than N recordings

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  • Hello,

    I format my external hard disk with my macbook in exfat format and connect it to my Z7+ box.

    Recording via MOL1 works perfectly until.... I have reached a certain number of recordings or just after some time, cannot say...

    I describe more in detail:

    I do record some series episode, maybe 4 or 5 and all recordings worked perfectly and I can watch them after. No issues.

    Then I record more often then something strange happens.

    In the playlist I still see all recordings but if I start any episode it plays always the same. The information about record time, name and file size tells me something else.

    If I take the external drive to my computer then I see that every file (*.ts, *.tsx, *.tsm3u) for an episode is zero in size except the one which is still working.

    Again, this only does happen after quite some time (>2 weeks) or after a certain number of records (>5).

    I assume the USB driver or controller has an issue here because he looses the proper linkage to the files. Or could it be the format type (ntfs instead of exfat)? Or rather taking a Windows doing the formating?

    Has anybody a clue what could cause this strange behavior?

    Thank you,

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Recordings Files Sizes Shrink to Zero - After some time or more than N recordings” to “Recording File Sizes Shrink to Zero - After some time or more than N recordings”.
  • I guess it is exFAT depended, never worked 100% with this format.

    Use NTFS and format your hdd like in this Article with Rufus tool -> How to format Micro SD card, USB flash drive, pen drive, hard drive or SSD for use with Z and S Boxes.