Started yesterday, Screen goes blank and only a reboot fixes this issue

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  • Issue started yesterday, the screen goes blank and no other channel works.

    Rebooting, starts the service but after a little while the screen goes blank again, requiring another reboot.

    The box has been updated to latest software.

    Any ideas?

  • Provider working on something, happen to me yesterday to. After they confirmed that the work is done, new connect and all was fine.

  • Provider working on something, happen to me yesterday to. After they confirmed that the work is done, new connect and all was fine.

    Seems to happen to quite a few people. My old box was fine. Do you think it's something to do with certain routers and network providers?

  • Today the problem appear again (only MAC/ID-Stalker url have issue, XC APi and M3U url works fine with same address!) and i chatted for long time with provider to understand what happens on their side. This time it was Code 7. Unfortunately was only one question answered and for the others they don`t have any answer :rolleyes:

    Then he gave me three new different url`s and with this the connect works again without issues.

  • Yesterday morning MyTVOnline went blank, switched to smart iptv app which had issues after 12pm.

    No idea what the issues were - provider reported that there was no issues with the service.

    Broadband had no issues. VPN working.

    Happy to report all working again.

    Formuler box connected using M3U url from day one, so was puzzled why I had issues as Sam reported issue was with Mac address connection

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  • Having read Codeit's post for Hub 3 router and, have made the following changes,

    Block Fragmented IP Packets

    Recommendation: Uncheck the box to disable this setting.

    Although having fragmented IP packets supposedly tighten security more. Some connections such as you gaming consoles and media mobile devices do use fragmented IP packets. By enabling this option on, you can experience more connection losses and intermittent signals. So in general, turn the Block Fragmented IP packets off.

    IP Flood Detection

    Recommendation: Uncheck the box to disable this setting.

    IP flood detection supposedly protect against denial of services type of attacks. However, turning on this option sometimes can hinder your wireless network speed in many cases. Some of your “real” traffic can be mislabeled and blocked by this firewall function.

    You generally should disable IP flood detection. Unless you are having trouble with certain malware infected machines on a network flooding your entire wireless netork, but if that is the case, you really should try to get those devices fixed ASAP.

    Port Scan Detection

    Recommendation: Check the box to enable this setting.

    In most cases as a normal non-tech user, you will not use any of the port scan features nor do you want to be found and be port scanned for open ports on your computer. Enable this function for the extra firewall security. Just turn this firewall option back on when you actually need to conduct port scanning.

    Official description:

    Detects and blocks port scan activity on both the WAN and LAN.