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  • Much of what I’m seeing on MOL is from a French system. Many descriptions of series and VOD is only available in French. Also many US series appear but can only be watched in French with no option to change language on the red button.

    I’m new to this so don’t know what I should expect. The provider is from France and seems to think that this is normal and out of my control. Is this correct or is there a way for me to see the system switched to English? If so, please could you advise as to what information I need to request from the provider. Thanks for your help.

  • Is your box in english or french? The content that your provider provides like series and VOD is on his side. No wonder everything is in french if he is a french provider lol Surely there is something in english in the VOD.

  • The box is English (system, settings, etc). Yes there is some VO in English. Is there nothing I can do to make English the main content language throughout? As I mentioned, this is all new to me.

  • Thanks for your answer.

    Can I request anything from the provider to help me fix this or am I stuck with a predominantly French system?