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  • Hello everyone,

    Hope someone can help me.

    I can't pauze on any channel a live footballgame with the remote controller.

    Any one else who also has this problem?

    Thank you


  • Basically yes.

    You can open the Z8 file explorer app to see if the storage device is supported/connected if you can see/open files, or if it is empty the Z8 should display the amount of free space. (Home screen > Settings > Storage > Removable storage)

    It is recommended to always use the USB port on the right side, it's the "blue" one, because it's 3.0.

    I recommend to use NTFS as filesystem type.

    Sometimes it is required to use Windows "diskmgmt.msc" (or the Mac/Linux equivalent) to first create a disk partition before you can create a volume on the usb drive. To keep things simple make sure the partition and the volume are both 100% of the drive.

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