Trouble nagivating & using many android apps

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  • Using a Z7+

    is it only me or are some Play store apps impossible to use and navigate?

    I am mainly trying to install UK TV apps (if you are not in the UK you can still install them, you just wont be able to view any video content)

    Please can the devs try some of them:

    Freeview (can't even enter a postcode when first opening the app! well, I can type a postcode but pressing enter moves the cursor to a new line instead of actually pressing enter)

    ITV Hub

    BBC iPlayer



    UKTV Play

    None of them work properly. And I am guessing it's lots of apps, not just these ones.

    I am not talking about viewing content so please do not say you need a UK based VPN to use them. This is about navigating the apps, browsing categories, selecting programs etc.

    Thank you