No VOD 4K subtitles with external player

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  • Hi all,

    when I try to play a 4K VOD (Mkv file format), with an external player (I want to use VLC, but I tried several to exclude that the problem was the player) subtitles don’t show.

    Weird thing is that, if I go to the subtitles selection menu, when the list of the subtitles available is piped up, the subtitles appear, but when I close the menu they disappear, this happens with every player I tried, but works fine with the build in player of MyTvOnline.

    only mkv files has this problem, with other VOD formats it works fine.

    anyone else with same problem? :/

  • Yes, It didn’t work. But actually with Kodi I didn’t find how I actually load subtitles , so I can’t really say Kodi don’t work.

    I want a simple video player, Kodi has too many things and takes a lot of time to open when used as external player.

    I found that Archos Video Player can play some... in some VoD it recognizes the subtitles and playe them, but other it doesn’t even recognize there is subtitles (But there is... and it works with built in player on MTVO.