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  • Hi folks,

    I'm very new to the scene and have a z8, please go easy with me!

    I'm trying to work out what restrictions are to recording IPTV (not VOD) via a guide or manually.

    I assumed this would work in the same way a DVR works, but it appears not.

    I am testing two different suppliers who use apps outside of MyTVOnline and I see recording is not available through them.

    IS it only MyTVOnline that supports recording to USB on a Z8?

  • I see no point in buying a Z8 and then use it with a provider that does not work with (or does not support your desired functionality of) MOL2.

    Without googleing for it I see no reason why only MOL2 can record to USB. But this forum is not the right place for asking what is possible outside the Formuler hardware/software (combination) context.

  • I appreciate your candid response. Are you saying there is no reason other apps should not be able to record to USB?

    If there are limits in that area they are within the app that you use for recording.

    Very unlikely that the Z8 firmware or android would be the root cause.

  • Maybe.

    Some 3rd party apps offer primitive dvr fumctions. Nothing on the level that mytvonline2 provides.

    I recommend you contact your iptv service provider to ask them to provide the portal url and username and password associated with your account so you can use your service with mytvonline2

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