After Update FIRMWARE 2.8.92 or 1.2.92 and MYTVONLINE v. 1.9.94 Recording is not more possible !!!! Z 7+

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  • Hello, after last update my Recoding button cannot start . I can see the targets SD CARD and USB DEVICE (UNKNOWN (UNKNOWN))

    If I want to start.... the records are not starting . In right corner rec 1:00 missing.

    Last weeks I had no problems with Recording and now all is down. The USB Port is working..I can see all recodings from last weeks. and the SD or USB both have a lot off free space.

    Why it doesn't work after the update to 1.9.94 before I can start with rec button without problems.

    If I can start a record in last days abort after 1..2 min max. 70 MB) and after I cannot start the rec !!!!

    What can I do to starting recordings again ????????


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    both USB Ports cannot read big 1,5 or 2 TB HDDs in NTFS FORMAT

    350GB HDD from Toshiba also cannot read...dont start !!!

    USB PORT can read a old ntfs Seagate 2,5" with 500 GB and recording ok no abort since 15min.

    Big HDDs 1,5 GB with extern Power are working.

    Problem with the USB Port after update?

  • I big problem om z7+

    After i install versionen below.

    1.2.92 and MYTVONLINE v. 1.9.94

    It is wrong with the latest update from Formulas and Mythonline for Formulas z7 + that causes the app to crash constantly.

    And have run software reset is still same problem

    And i have run full clean reset and still same problem.

    So please help do it come new versionen fix.

  • Could you please make screenshot from crash error and upload here?

    Can you reproduce when exactly happens this crash?

    Tell as also what is exactly installed on apps from your side and which other devices are connected with your Z7+ (USB Stick, Hdd, Keyboard, Bluetooth etc.)

  • it's a general problem with no extra apps or anything connected

    And it's random crashing

    it happens on several bboxes

    I asked several people who have these boxes they have not installed any other than what is included original on the box

    So please

  • Without knowing what really goes on (in detail) on your side and still unknown errors, it is not possible to help! Each error must be collected to know what could be the issue.

    it's a general problem

    Would this be true then would each 7+ user knock on this forum. I tested today roughly 2x different z7+ not even one issue, with same fw and mol1.

    it happens on several bboxes

    I can only suggest to do factory reset this way -> Factory Reset from firmware 1.2.71