SO Player menu navigation issue with Z8

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  • Hi there,

    I have a Z8 with the latest firmware (issue happened with previous firmware as well) and I am using a provider that only supports SO Player. I tried the SO Player on my firestick and it works fine but when I use it with the Z8 I have an odd issue with the menu navigation. If I am navigating up or down a menu, such as channel group, category or EPG the focus jumps to another area of the screen. A lot of the time when navigating in the channel group or listing it will pop up the channel search screen.

    I have checked with the provider and they suggested it is an incompatibility issue with the device. I have a few services I am testing out now using MYTV or Streamers Pro and they all work fine. Just thought I would ask if others use SO Player with the Z8 without any issues or if there are any changes I can make to settings etc.