Z8 black screen

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  • Every once in a while I’ll be watching mytvonline and the screen will go black for just 2-3 second... I figured it had something to do with my IPTV subscription.... but just now watching Disney Plus with my daughter... it went to black screen for 2-3 seconds. Maybe a bit more... can anyone shed some light on this for me. I have only been using this Z8 for 3 days. I have read their forums but don’t understand. Thanks in advance.

  • Please provide more data.

    FW and SW version, If last fw and sw is AFR on in MOL2 settings?

    Did you try to connect the Box to other HDMI Port on your TV?

    Did you try to use other HDMI Cable?

    Did you choose the right resolution for your Box? etc.

  • As far as FW and SW version, everything is up to date. No updates to be had. ( I have no ideas as to the AFR in Mol2 setting you are talking about can you please explain that one )The HDMI cable and port In use is the same one that i have been using for Apple TV for the last 2 years without a problem. Like i said, I’m new so please bare with me. B4 i asked on this forum, i read everything and did not see the answer. Thank you for you reply.