Color issue with Z8

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  • Hi Guys,

    I have the Sony AG9 Oled TV and when I watch Full HD content with the Media Player or Kodi or VLC or MX PLayer I recognize that the people skin colour has strong Orange spots. I played and verified the same content directly on the TV Media Player/Kodi/MX/VLC with the same Color Settings of the TV and the Color there is spot on, no Orange overlay. I attached a picture to demonstrate what I mean. Source is a 1080p movie.

    Any idea what the problem could be? Normal TV program, PS4 pro, Streaming etc. does not have that problem. Only content played with the Z8.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Ok so changing Port and cable no difference. And my sky box and PS4 don’t have that issue, so it’s clearly a setting/issue on the Z8.

    However when I change in Imprex engine the intelligent color to “optimal” the bad effect is almost gone, but not totally. That brings me to my further questions: what are the best settings to apply in the Imprex Engine Settings? Any recommendations to improve the picture quality?

    Further you guys have HDMI Auto Adaptation activated?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Try this.

    Display Mode: User Defined




    Saturation:47-48 <- change the orange/skin colour

    If you not happy with this settings, then go to Home Menu -> Settings -> Advanced Options -> TV HDR Mode -> and change to SDR

  • Try the settings from this thread, it fixed the "orange skin color" for me :

    Z8 Calibration

    Formuler Z8 Settings

    Settings - Advanced Options

    YCbCr444 8Bit **Safe output for material viewed**

    TV HDR Mode: SDR


    Display Mode: User Defined

    Brightness: 49 **At default 50 black is not completely black**

    Contrast: 50 (Default)

    Hue: 50 (Default)

    Saturation: 49 **Saturation 50 is slightly above what saturation should be. 49 is the closest available and helps offset color/skintone anomalies**

    Imprex Engine

    Display Mode: Full Screen

    Intelligent Color: Optimal **Best available skin tone and overall color setting**

    Dynamic Contrast: Off

    Sharpness: 20 **Personal choice to help offset sharp edges of compression blocks inherent in IPTV**

    Noise Reduction: Off

    MPEG Noise Reduction: Off

    Motion Compensation: Off

    HDR Saturation: 50 (Default) **I do not use the Z8 in any HDR mode**

  • Hi Sam, what is the implication for HDR content of the Media Player if I change to SDR mode? I have a lot of 4k HDR movies I watch over the Z8. Is the TV itself providing the HDR quality or is it not feeded from the Z8 if I change to SDR on the Z8?

  • Thanks I try this settings!