EPG not loading more than 2 days ahead

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  • Hi all

    Had my Z8 a few weeks now and love it. The only problem I've noticed is that MOL will only load roughly 2 days ahead of EPG data. Anything beyond that shows "No information". I thought it might be a provider issue but trying the exact same link in TVIMate shows the full 7 days. I've also had the same results with other EPG sources so it seems it's MOL only loading a certain amount of information on my box. I'm using a setup with approximately 300 channels so could it be more than MOL is trying to limit data / storage?

    This is on latest current firmware and the latest beta, I did the update just to see if it might resolve the problem.

  • I have just checked UK channels populate here up until 14th may. USA some populate some don't again until 14th so that's 6 days.

    They take about 4 secs (could be longer depend on connection i suppose) to populate when you jump a day at a time with blue button

  • Thanks for checking your side. That's even stranger because I just can't get mine to do the same. II' attach 2 images of MOL and Tvimate running the exact same playlists and EPG source to show what I mean.

    I've had the exact same behaviour with other playlists and sources so can't blame them. And done an EPG clear and refresh. Out of ideas now

  • I have the same "issue" with my Z8.

    I always thought my provider was the cause.

    It's not really a problem for me, but if you find a solution, please share it with us.


  • Nobody has any clues or ideas? Went so far as a full factory reset but no result. If someone from support could weigh in perhaps?