Kodi and choppy video

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  • Trying to use Kodi with my new z8 box and the video is awfully choppy. I have not figured out a solution. Streams fine on Firesticks. Tried with vpn off, vpn on, hardwired, wifi. Hard wired speed is 463mbit and wifi I get about 90mbit. Any suggestions? What am I missing if anything? (kodi 18.whatever, xanax bld)

  • Well I kinda figured out my problem. Downgraded to 17.whatever and thing works perfect. If anyone knows why I cant get 18.whatever working with out being choppy please let me know.

  • HI I got my z8 about a week ago haven't had much time to try it out yet but the first thing I noticed was the playback in kodi. I turned on the allow hardware acceleration media codec (surface) option which is in settings /player/videos and it fixed the issue. I'm using 18.6 no issues with it now.

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