Official FW 1.4.65 - SW 7.8.5 for Z8/ZAlpha (21.05.2020)

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  • Hi,

    I found a new problem with the last update (may).

    When I'm recording a tv show I cannot go to the VOD or series. Before it was possible.

    If someone can help

    Kind regards


    Problem with the last update.

    When I'm recording live tv I cannot go to the VOD or series. Before it was possible.

    Sorry to say, but this was only possible because there was some bug and this bug let you to use both at same time. Sound strange but it was not option, just a bug. Theoretically each one without 2x connections and using recording + VOD at same time, was in the situation to be banned from provider. In last Update they fixed this bug and since then it is not possible any more.

  • This is a minor issue but why is the volume numbers in increments of 6.5? It goes 6, 13, 20 and so on. Maybe only my OCD thats kicking in but I'd rather have increments of 5 or not seeing the volume numbers at all.

    Also I don't get the AFR to work outside of MOL2, like inside kodi in my case. (I have to use the resolution button to switch at the moment)

    Thanks for all the hard work :)

  • Another replay bug.


    TV show duration 30 min (only one part/sequences, not divided)

    Problem 1: sometime the tv show replay is not full, we don't have the end of the tv show in the part/sequences.

    Problem 2: with the same tv show when you want to avoid the tv ads and you fast forward the end of the tv show advances and ends earlier.

    Problem 3: with the same tv show, when you fast forward 5 min the tv show, in reality the tv show fast forward few second but the tv show timer really fast forward 5min.

    Is it possible to fix this because it's more than annoying

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  • Code
    I hope that the bug will be solved soon.
    one more please you can possibly install a digital clock in mytv2 that you can show and hide with the date
    thank you
  • Info:

    Tentative Hotfix release notes: (ETA May 28,29)

    Firmware Version : 1.4.67 HOTFIX

    FIX: Mouse cursor is displayed when accessing a certain menu

    MYTVOnline 2 : 7.8.7 HOTFIX

    FIX: Crash when accessing Series episodes

    FIX: HLS fast start preference gets reset after reboot

    IMP: RCU response slow when exiting from Classic channel list

  • Finally… I thought I was doing something wrong… Turns out I wasn’t…


    Problem with the last update.

    When I'm recording live tv I cannot go to the VOD or series. Before it was possible.

    Couldn’t this be possible with an XCodes Multiroom connection? I mean, you can watch another channel while already recording one, so why not watch something from the VOD catalogue on your secondary connection?

    So please fix software , I can't watch series now !!! Many client are "unhapy". You can make a chance to stop software update from client side. Because of stability and trust of you IPTV boxes. Anyway "stalk**" is better choise than XC. Smart people don't like ecrypted php code with backdoors ;)

    No it ruddy well isn’t, and you know it isn’t… First of all, if you’re so scared about security when using IPTV, then maybe you should refrain from doing so, or use it through VPN. Secondly, Stalker, by definition, doesn’t allow you to use multiple connections with one single box, preventing you from recording one channel when watching another or using features like PiP. And thirdly, quite a lot of features in the VOD section are available exclusively through XCodes portals… How can Stalker still be regarded as being “better”, taking all of this into account? It might be more secure (although that would certainly be a fake sense of security, much like the facial masks during the pandemic), but it only actually makes a difference if you don’t know how to set up services like VPN or Tor. Because these are really adding an additional layer of security, instead of just providing you with a feeling of being more secure…

    Besides, at least in the Netherlands, there isn’t a real need to worry as things stand, because the chance of IPTV services being blocked is slime to non-existent because of tough net neutrality laws. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere on this forum, the legislation has been nerfed slightly because of EU guidelines which actually stand above the Dutch legislation, but still… I most certainly am glad we do have them firmly in place. That being said, I myself still use VPN to further obfuscate the fact that I’m using IPTV (and to mitigate some lag issues that I have when watching certain channels).

  • Hello . After this update my Ethernet connection drop after 10 second

    I restart many times and same issue

    Beta version was working fine !!

    Any suggestion ?

  • Code
    I installed the new update, unfortunately the error in Vod is still not fixed, it plays films 1-2 minutes, then it stops, it just stops there is no solution for it ???
  • If you installed the new Hotfix update then post there and not in this thread. This version of update is already old.

  • SAM

    Closed the thread.