S-turbo Receiever does not require acess to card on fortis dvbt tuner

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  • Hello all,

    I have issue with this reciever with acess to cardreader. I will try to explain. . . For me it seems to be some software bug or something. . .

    I have an irdeto card from plustelka provider /mainly used in slovakia for dvbt channels. This card sould work on some channels on astra 23.5 /JEDNOTKA DVOJKA TROJKA/ which is working genereral with xcam also partial works with CI adapter. I already tried both solutions.

    But as I said card is mainly used to decode DVBT channels now to my issue:

    First of all card is fully activeted and working in any other reciever what I have at home.

    Behaviour With Xcam plugin

    On astra 23.5E everything working fine decoding channels etc. . . BUT! When I try any scrambled service on DVBT tuner. I can see from Xcam/oscam webinterface dvbapi user which im using for decoding stays inactive whitout any error message like timeout/not found or something. User stays only inactive and it looks like does not require on DVBT/T2 scrambled channels any access to the card. On Reciever I can see only massage scrambled service or something like this. Free channels on dvbt/t2 working fine. I tried to change DVBT/T2 tuner with no success.

    Behaviour With Smit CI Adapter and card inserted to it.

    I see in menu there is Ci module inserted and card seems to be OK On scrambled channels on astra 23.5 I see that reciever is trying to acces to card I see it on CI messages on the reciever. BUT! When I try any scrambled service from DVBT/T2 I see only message scrambled service.It seems recieveris not trying for any acces in DVBT/T2 channels to the reading it from CI module. There is no CI message on the reciever to trying to acces to the card, nothing. Only scrambled service. . .Could someone try to help. I mainly buy this reciever for hybrid DVBS and TVBT/T2 ability.

    I try this with

    Sw v1.7.0 also with Sw v1.7.29
    xcam client3 v20.03.19

  • georgi1990

    Changed the title of the thread from “Receiever does not require acess to card on fortis dvbt tuner” to “S-turbo Receiever does not require acess to card on fortis dvbt tuner”.