GeForce now on Formuler z8

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  • I have, but not a lot of time spent with it. Have tried playing using an Xbox One controller connected via bluetooth + there is a slight delay/lag between my controller movements + what is actually being displayed. If I connect the Xbox One Controller directly to the Z8 via usb, the box doesnt recognize the controller. Have debated looking into a USB wireless controller as I have read those work way better when using android boxes.. However, I find myself just grabbing my laptop + using GeForce Now there, + continue to watch content on the Z8 while I game ;)

  • i have. played a little fortnite even. it does the job just fine. but yeah bluetooth remotes seem to have a bit lof lag. wired or 2.4ghz controller is the way to go

  • Mevi I'm using this one. So far I played only tekken 7 and few other games.

    My question is if to play games u must own them on steam? Are there any games that you can play without logging into steam acc?