Changing MAC on Z8 - is it possible?

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  • Hi all, newbie here.

    Is there any way of changing the MAC address on a Z8, and if so how does one do it? (Being a total novice, please keep any reply to simple intelligible terms - :thumbup:)

    I'm already using an iptv box at one location and was hoping to change the MAC address on the Z8 to the same as that on the iptv box so as to be able to simply use the one provider's subscription at another location, albeit not both at the same time. Apparently it can be done through stbemu, but I've not managed to find a means on the Z8.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • If your other STB supports it, consider using XCodes instead. Your IPTV provider needs to offer this as well, and it requires getting in touch with them, but at least it allows you to “hop” between STBs whilst still being able to use MOL2. Frankly, using STBEmu on the Z8 is like driving a Ferrari through your backyard at around about 5mph instead of using it as intended on the motorway. With all due respect, STBEmu simply can’t touch MOL2 when it comes to UX.