Z7+ MTVOL bitrate drops

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  • Hi guys,

    got a Z7+ with MTVOL and a WIFI connection with about 40-50Mbit download

    When I change to an other channel in the very firts second I have a bitrate of about 22000kbps

    then it dorps counstantely down to 1000kbps or less and the buffering starts

    Do you have any idea?

    Thanks for help


  • Mine is, at least from what I can see with my eyes, as constant as it can get. If I start looking at the statistics, it’s a different matter. The statistics are all over the place. But that’s because these show the current bitrate, which can vary wildly because the codecs use variable bitrates. But at least in my case, all this statistical variation doesn’t affect picture quality, let alone cause buffering.

    How is your connection performing when doing other tasks, particularly on the Z7+ itself? If, for example, you do a speed test, do you get speeds that are near what you pay for? This should at least be true on the Ethernet connection. On WiFi, things can vary. But anything over 20Mbit should be fine. You could try to install Speedtest by Ookla (available on the Market or Google Play) on the Z7+ to find out.

    If other applications cause issues as well, try resetting your modem and/or router. If everything else works fine (i.e. the problem is isolated to MOL) then please verify if you have enabled any QoS on your modem or router, and, if so, disable it.

    Also of importance: do you or do you not use VPN? If not, take out any trial subscription (there are various apps available on the Market or Google Play, with NordVPN and ExpressVPN being good contenders) and try using this when using MOL. If you do currently use VPN, try temporarily disabling it or selecting a different server.