Groups maximum sur My Tv Online 2

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  • Hello,

    Sorry for my English.

    I'll explain my concerns to you.

    Since my purchase of my formuler Z8, I have been using the M3u file that I have fully configured with about twenty categories.

    I did this because the channels were poorly rated at the time and there were no features that I liked.

    The M3U file met my expectations but making concessions on on-demand TV, series and replay.

    Today I wanted to try the portal again and I was extremely surprised at the progress made in series, TV on demand, replay and especially the possibility of creating categories.

    However after doing 10 categories it says that I cannot do more than 10 groups.

    I would like to understand why the Formuler company wanted to limit the number of categories, because I would really like this parameter to be changed.


  • Customer support response :


    Thank you for contacting Formuler Support and thank you for your compliments.

    Your feedback about the maximum number of custom favorite groups has been taken into account.

    We set the number of groups to 10 based on market research.

    So far there has been no feedback or demand for more groups.

    Perhaps we can consider raising the limit in a future software update.

    Please monitor for future software update notices.


    Formuler Support