Black screen on mol 1 z7+

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  • Hi guys, pls help.

    I got 2 boxes. One z8 and one z7+.

    Since 2 days i get a black screen on Mytvonline.

    My internet connection is excellent. I got the newest updates installed. When i start mol the connection starts to my provider and it connects like before. However a black screen and also no sound on the channels. I can see the list of channels and also get epg info but like i said a black screen

    I restarted the z8 but it did not help. Then i got the solution to take the power off and after a few minutes i put it back on and now it works like before on the z8

    Now i get to my question for you:

    The same problem i got on my z7+. I tried the same solution but this does not work. I tried software reset and factory reset but also no solution.

    There is no ban or block from my internetprovider because i can use the z8 perfectly now. Also my tv provider has no ban.

    Also extra note: when i rebooted the z8 before i always got the android logo on screen. But when i had the black screen problem and rebooted then i got a big circle on my screen when i rebooted was like with colors. Now on the z8 the circle does not come up after it worked by taking the power off.

    On the z7+ it also comes up and i dont get the android logo. I get a feeling this is a sign that something is wrong

    Can u help me please what can i do more?