Z8 MytvOnline2 goes black for 30 secs (solution?? maybe)

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  • Hi:

    I am getting from time to time (every 30min- 1 hour) a black screen for 30 seconds +- when i change channel ( i think it was after last firmware 26/08), i stay there and the stream returns after 30 seconds.

    AFR is OFF on mytvonline2

    As solution i ask my provider to NOT go with mac address and force user/pass login and the problem is gone.

    Can anyone check this if you got this problem? Any other solution to work with mac?

    Thanks everyone

  • I'm getting the same but with more problems than ever before since last update. Mac set up loads so slowly and EPG loading is super slow. I've sent a ticket to Formuler regarding this. It's ironic that Formuler latest update mention EPG fix but there has been no issues on EPG. I'm a reseller of the boxes and this recent update has discouraged me to sell anymore!!

  • I have 2 Z8's using 3 different connections on each no problems on 2 connections.

    Epg loads within 5 seconds or so from switching on and selecting a group.

    1 connection some groups no epg and some times slow clearing changing channel i blame provider as other work fine

  • I think it is a conbination of provider-formuler some providers ok others... may be not.. I do not know.

    with me the is only on formuler boxes, not on other brands/software combination for 2 diferent providers.

  • v8rick. The problem cannot be provider as I've been using the same one for last 2 years without any issues, the problem seems to be with the latest updates which has caused issues mac set ups.

  • Ernesto I think it's more to do with Formuler than provider as providers set up will stay the same but Formuler have updated their software which is causing the issue. I've spent hours with all kind of troubleshooting without any progress. Half the EPG loads sometimes and sometime it doesnt. When you click EPG on remote then it starts to load as if its trying push through.

  • yes I've tried user/pass and that seems to load ok but I have 100's with mac set ups. I dont know if I should dive under the table or do the running man lol