NordVPN really slow trying tio connect.

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  • Hy everyone.

    Because in my country is blocking iptv connections , I have decided to use NORDVPN to connect to the server. The problem is that when I decide to connect to a diferent country, its takes alot of time to connect (if im lucky to connect) its takes nearly 10min, and many times I get stuck on the CONNECTING TO **** SERVER 123.

    Is there something I have to do that maybe I forgot, i have just install the program and put my login and pass, i havent done nothing else.

    Maybe I have to change something on Nordvpn settings?

    Maybe use another VPN program?

    Change something on Z8 settings?


  • Settings ->VPN Protocol -> choose NordLynx. You don`t need to choose other servers from other country`s if Nordvpn servers in your country work fine.

    And... if you need to choose some other then use the nearest, like FR.

  • Nord connects 20-30 secs here using NordLynx like Sam suggested

    Have you been on Nords site and used the recomended server for you and to the right where it says "Adjust server preferences"

    select closest country to you

  • I don’t use NordLynx because of varying degrees of success (not very high overall) when trying it with my IPTV provider, but even with OpenVPN as the protocol, NordVPN still manages to establish a connection within 10 seconds. Similar story for IKEv2. And obviously also for NordLynx, but that just didn’t seem to play nicely with my IPTV, which is what I use my Formuler for.

    Do you happen to have a firewall set up in your network? If so, that could significantly influence the time it takes for NordVPN (or any other VPN provider) to connect, because the negotiation of said connection will simply take longer.