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  • Hello all,

    I'm new and I just receive my Z8 formuler. Really happy for the moment :D

    But I still have a little issue. This Z8 is brand new but if I click on lock channel the channel is well locked but no way to unlock. I know that the default code pin should be 0000 but no.

    I already saw the forum but after tried 0000,1234 or 7777 the problem is still here. I did a factory reset but issue still here.

    Do you think it could be because of my provider settings? If I delete my portal, could I change this damn lock pin?

    Thanks for you help.


  • Is it a provider box or a retail box? In case it’s a provider box, your provider may have configured a different pin and it could be anything. Retail boxes have a default pin of 0000. FYI: “Retail” means you bought it in a physical shop or a webshop (online), but without an accompanying IPTV subscription. “Provider box” means you bought it with your subscription.

  • Hello Slashtiger and thanks for this very quick answer!

    It's a retail box, provider services are not come with.

    That's why it is really strange...

  • Strange indeed. No, removing the portal is not going to help, I’m afraid. My own parental PIN (Z8) is 0000, the default. You can only change it through Settings > Parental Options > Change Parental PIN. But to do so, you’d need to know your current PIN. Which you obviously don’t…

  • Héhé that's the problem !

    To be honest, it' is during tests I discovered this feature "lock channel". I click on it and I saw a padlock. I changed channel and came back and the code was asked...

    Do you think if I desinstall MOL2 and re install it it can be helpful?

    It is not a real problem but if someone click on this key "lock" by accident, it can be annoying...


  • If you need to remove a lock from a channel that you inadvertently locked, it might help to remove and then reconfigure the portal. Channel settings, including locked/unlocked state, are kept per portal, so removing and re-adding it might help there.

    However, if you need the PIN to access a certain category of content intended for those of mature ages, the removal of the portal will not help you.

    So if you accidentally locked a channel, I’d go with removing and then re-adding the portal in the Connections menu.

    Also, it seems that a PIN may also be defined in the actual portal data downloaded from the provider (applicable for the aforementioned category of content). So you could inquire with your provider and see if they are aware of having set a specific PIN number for this, as you would then have to know it in order to change it to something easier to remember.

  • I don't have any mature ages contents so problem with this. I just wanted to avoid reconfigure portal after each accident and it would be good to have this code anyway. I will continue to search.


  • To have the code would be the best scenario by far. It still seems strange to me that the default code is denied. If I were you, I’d still contact my provider to see if they set a code in their portal configuration (which would then be downloaded by your box). That could be your first lead in your quest for a solution. I wouldn’t know where else to start if the default code(s) fail to work and you never set one of your own.

  • Hello All,

    Well, after a contact with my provider, it seems they don't apply any kind of parental code....So really strange.

    Anyway, Slashtiger you're right because if I delete my portal, and if I set again, lock channel disappear so this is a workaround.

    Too bad, I really want to know this damn code.

    10000 codes so 1 for a day !

    See you in several years :D


  • Good you can use this workaround to regain access to your inadvertently locked channel, but still quite a bummer that you don’t know the code for doing so without having to reconfigure your portal… I wouldn’t know where to look to find it… Sorry…!