Is it possible with BT1?

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  • Hello all,

    I have a question about this remote.

    My wish is to control my Z8 but I would like to control the TV sound instead of STB sound, possible?

    Why? Because my Z8 volume is weak so I must increase my tv volume to hear something(then control stb volume) BUT if I don't use my Z8 and use my Sony PS4, my TV volume is too high and my ears are bleeding :D

    So, if I can directly set the tv volume with BT1, no need to keep original tv remote.

    Hope you understand.

    Thanks ;)

  • Thanks for your answers guys,

    I hope you're right because I think I need to toggle TV/SBT each time I want to increase or decrease TV sound. The user's manual is not all clear I think.

    I will try this soon.

    Thanks for all.

  • Hello,

    Well after some tests, I agree too. This remote is useless for my use...Switch between mode just for increase volume is so....:cursing: We don't have the any "source" key ! And impossible to switch off the Z8 AND TV. Must switch off stb then toggle and switch off tv...Too bad.

    The original Z8 remote is actually better.

    Maybe I will buy the IR1, there are source/vol+/vol-/OK at last.

    Really disappointed.;(

  • CampoTV when you are in TV Mode (red), the bottom right button "4 dots".. if you tap that while in TV Mode it should let you switch your source. Also if you turn on HDMI CEC on the Z8 you should be able to turn the Z8 off/on which will then also power the TV off/on

  • Thanks for your help but to access to this dots key, must enter in TV mode so... Boring.

    The cec was actived and nothing happened when I switch off tv. Works with original remote, strange.

    Anyway, I think it is my fault, I should inquired more. Formuler ir1 should be better in my case I guess.

    iptvdave was right, maybe with programming?

  • After some research about IR1, it seems we don't have any stop/fast backward/fast forward (for vod for example or any video file played). The stop isn't really important cause there is the back key but the 2 others....

    To be honest, I don't undestand the utility of these 2 remotes. More expansive and with fewer keys.

    Except bluetooth which can be useful for some users.

    I would like the original Z8 remote with only 2 programming buttons for TV volume and I would be a happy guy, what a pity!