Formuler Z8 Portal disconnection

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  • Hello, I have a Z8 box, occasionally when I want to open the channel list and change channels, or when I want to switch to live channels from Vod movies, the screen turns black and the channels do not open. Channels open when I disconnect and reconnect. I tried everything on the forum, deleting the cache, resetting the box to factory settings. But unfortunately, there was no solution. I've also tried the Xtream api and the Mac portal, but it's always the same. I wonder if you can help me.

  • Hi

    here are allot of wich have the same issue incl myself. It is sinds the last update 26.8.

    a later hotfix didnt solver the issue.

    so we all are waiting for Update because everything worked wel before 26.8 update.

  • same story here, do not understand why we cannot roll back to older version thats work

    also do not understand why rollout a FW or HOTfix before testing , and why is it OUR risk if we update the release software, we trust the

    enigineer who create the FW or Hotfix.

    So take a beer, and wait......

    also lessons learn I WILL NOT UDATE anymore


  • I use vpn, tried a few, but I've found a big difference in speed if i get a vpn from my own country with lots of servers to choose from.

    Surfshark were slow for me even if I used a server here. Nordvpn was fast but some of their servers were blocked by my provider and even by

    I'm trying a native vpn now and get real good speed from the z8, 220/90 out of a 250/100 fiber line....

  • I only use wireguard. You can't say one is faster than the other for everyone. Different vpn's are better or worse in different locations of the world.

    I have tried Surfshark, for me it was not the fastest by any means. Nordvpn was a lot faster altough it had other negative aspects.

    Where I live I've found 2 other vpn providers that gave me maximum speed and really good demerit policies. For example servers without harddrives which mean they can't even log traffic...

    So yeah, I suggest trying out different ones and see which one fit your needs and location best.