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  • Hello, I own a Z8 and would like to use MyTvonline 2 on my Android tablet.

    Your app is available on GooglePlay and had installed it on my tablet.

    However, when I enter my credentials (login and password), it does not work.

    Also, could you tell me what the PANELs correspond to: VIP, VIP2, ONE, VPN. I tried the first 3 without success.

    It gives me a message: "Login failed. Check your Server adress, Username and password". So, How do you get in the "Server Address".

    Does someone know about it ?


  • 225/5000

    Too bad that would have been very practical.

    In any case is well immitated then. This is misleading and it should be report it.

    Isn't "MyTvonline 1" installable on a Android tablet either?

    What would be a good alternative?

    Thank you.

  • Formuler Mytvonline 1 and 2 are only working on Formuler boxes and will never come as stand alone app for other devices!

    If you see somewhere apps using our App name, please report, that are fake apps and have nothing to do with our app.

    Thread Closed.

  • SAM

    Closed the thread.