OpenSPA 6.0 releases

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  • OPENSPA 6.0.005

    What is new

    - OpenSPA installation images using Flash Online. It is a completely online method without PC. Notice : if you install any previous release to 6.0.005, when image starts FlashOnline will not be available.

    - Improvements in spanewfirm (Installation Wizard OpenSPA), now it's compatible with FlashOnline.

    - Improvements in spaMetrixJR, now you can also configure OpenSPA menu icons.

    - Added secondinfobar screen with extended information in MetrixJR.

    - Improved EPG Movistar +.

    - Improvements in spzImdb, to make finding films information easier and faster .

    - Improvements in OpenSPA downloads module.

    - Fix TV series recording plugin for channels with name changed.


    User : root
    Password : openspa

    Note : Online update not available


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  • OPENSPA 6.0.006

    What is new

    - FlashOnline improvements to use every mounted device (pendrive, hdd, microSD, etc.). Network mounts can't be used

    - Improvements in spanewfirm (Installation Wizard OpenSPA), now it's also compatible with multidevices.

    - Changes in Confluence and MetrixJR skins.

    - Improved EPG Movistar +.

    - Added stream port [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] and stream authentication for more security in spzremotechannels

    - Added new M+ equivalences

    User : root
    Pass : openspa


  • OPENSPA 6.0.010

    What is new
    - New drivers [email protected] HD51
    - New drivers Vuplus Solo 4K, Solo2, Duo2 and Solo SE
    - Fix standby to stop tuners when box goes to standby.
    - Improvement in series TV recordings.
    - SpaNewFirms: Added option to leave skin you have in previous release
    - New Panel Extra OpenSPA, where you can do :

    • Download channel lists uploaded to our forum.
    • Download updated mhw_EQUIV.epg file.
    • Download satellites.xml, port.list, cccam.channelinfo,...
    • Look at hardware and software info

    - Added new options for skin MetrixJR

    • Added turquoise color
    • Added new infobar with information about transponder and bitrate in same infobar
    • Added new infobar to use with transparent zzpicons.

    - Minor fixes.

    User : root
    Pass : openspa