Scheduled Recording from standby

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  • Hi,

    When you schedule a recording, for example overnight, with the device in standby, why can't MYTVOnline2 be forced to start on the TV channel on which you programmed the recording? Or to stay still in stanby?

    At me, MYTVOnline2 when the scheduled recording starts from standby it opens on the last TV channel I watched + recording in background

    It seems to me somehow a waste of bandwidth with 2 lines used at the same time. Or for example the provider only offers you just 1 line ... there is a good chance that the scheduled recording will fail.

    Whenever I want to schedule a recording, I have to be careful that when I put the device on standby, the last TV channel I watch is the one I am going to record. It's very frustrating ...

  • It starts on channel for schedule records then goes back in standby, when i start box it's on recorded channel

    Sorry read wrong again I use 1 line provider to record and don't have a problem

  • I have exactly the same issue. I use one line. Scheduled recordings will fail when I put the box on standby while the box is on a different channel from the channel set for the scheduled recording. Could this issue please be solved?

    New findings:

    It turns out that this issue happens only with my m3u connection. After writing the above I have re-tested it with a m3u connection, same issue. Tested twice with a portal connection, here there is no issue of failed recordings.

    What could be the reason?

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