Epg not aligned

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  • Hi, using Formuler Zx box for mytvonline, and the program guide seems to be ‘misaligned’. Excuse my ignorance on this, I have very little experience on iptv so I’m not good on the jargon used.

    Specifically if I look at the program guide, the channel list on the left will have a program starting at say 11:00 am, the right hand side description will have the same program title, but the description will be for the program that’s on next, not the program in the title or the program that is actually on. It looks like the program and the description is out of step ?. Sorry, I hope the makes sense, and would appreciate it if anyone had this issue and knows how to fix. Provider says everything is ok on their side, their system lines up ok, so it must be my internet that’s the problem, which I don’t believe as the internet speed looks more that enough .

    Appreciate any assistance offered.