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  • This is my user review of my recently bought Formuler F3 with Wifi dongle.

    First opening the box everything is in there a nice small reciever, power adapter, HDMI calble, remote controll with 2 AA, Wifi dongle and a Quick start guide.

    Mine is running on factory firmware OpenPLi 4.0 on astra 19.2 and 23.5, first startup took about 40sec from the moment when turning it on, a enigma restart takes about 20sec, I have an old Azbox to compare it too but this was fast Azbox P+ takes about 1min and 30sec.

    Zapping is fast and smooth with FTA channels, enrypted channels take a little longer but still is fast.

    Image quality:
    Running it on a 50" LG HD Plasma screen I was stunned by the image Quality compared to the Azbox (wich was one of the better recievers in 2010 in HD) this is way better. Even on close range the image is sharp and crisp.

    With several RCA jack cables laying around I could not test this, I dont know if Formuler made a special RCA jack cable but I have different cables and non of them are working only a crackling sound with broadcast sound comes trough so this was a little dissapointing to me, I like to watch movies and tv trough my dolby 5.1 set.

    The 2 USB ports are on the back one is used for Wifi and the other with a 8gb USB stick to watch recorded video's or mpeg, divx etc.. when using a stick I recommend to using a usb cable so you don't have to take the receiver of it's place everytime you want to copy stuff to it. Mayby in the future put it on the front of the reciever.

    Also on the back and little hard to find and reach also you have to take the reciever off it's place to put a card in it just put it in front the next time, my sdhc card could not be read but normal SD card's are.

    Then the Wifi:
    The signal is blocked by the reciever apperently, with the extender in an other room the signal was poor so moved the range extender in too the room with the reciever and know it's ok.
    After a full day with on and off in standby mode the Wifi looses connection and will not connect again until you perform a full restart of the reciever, tested it with multiple wifi adapters all with the same outcome maybe software related?

    I uploaded a channel list with dreamboxedit but everytime it gets lost tried it multiple times and everytime the old list is back.

    Overall it's a good reciever but there are still things to improve or to do so my conclusion:

    Image quality
    Startup time
    zapping time
    nice and small

    all connections on the back Usb/SDcard reader
    wifi unstable
    Channel list gets lost
    external sound (you have to purchase a RCA cable from Formuler why not put it in the box!)

    Also worth to notice it has been running very stable no green screens or restart where nessecary in the past few weeks when using it.

  • Nice and fair Review Werido :thumbup: Did you try to install new PLI Image then the factory image? Try also others like ATV, HDF or HDMU, maybe then will some contra disappear. ;)

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