Scheduled Recording Question

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  • Hi Community,

    I have observed the following behaviour when I have a scheduled Recording and am away from home:

    1. TV and Z10 Powered Off

    2. Left home

    3. Scheduled Recording Time starts

    4. Z10 auto powers on, changes to the right channel and starts recording.

    All perfect.

    Is there a way to turn off the Z10 once the scheduled recording has finished?

  • Well I did some tests and it works PERFECTLY. This is what happens:


    1. The time is 19:30

    2. I want to record a show at 20:00 on channel number 111

    3. I click on TV Guide and hit the record button for the 20:00 show on 111
    4. I change the channel to 222

    4. I power down my TV and Z10 and the LED on the Z10 is red

    What Happens:

    1. Tick tock, tick tock 20:00 hits
    2. The Z10 goes from Red to white and powers ON. TV stays off
    3. The Z10 starts switches to channel 111 automatically from 222

    4. The recording starts

    5. I come back a few hours later and the Z10 is back to red again

    6. I turn on the TV and Z10 and boom my recording is there


    What I can't answer is when the Z10 powers down

    - Right after the recording

    - After X period

    I will keep my eye on this but its absolutely brilliant that I can do this without leaving the Z10 powered ON all the time when I go out and not have to check I have turned it to the channel I want recording before I go out.