Formuler Z10 Pro Max no access to file(s) in the Wallpapers folder

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  • My Z10 Pro Max does not see the files in the Wallpapers folder that I created in the external (USB dongle) and internal storage.

    Firstly I created a folder with the name Wallpapers in my external USB dongle and placed a JPG file in it to be used as wallpaper, (USB dongle formatted using the RUFUS tool SAM advised in a specific topic).

    When accessing the external storage folder Wallpapers it does show the folder, but it does not show any of the file(s) in that folder.

    Same is true after I created a folder Wallpapers in the internal storage (using the file management tool found in the Market apps).

    Before I had a Formuler Z8 box and there this all worked using the same tools, pictures, procedure, USB dongle....

    Apparently the Z10 has issues accessing files in external storage and internal storage.

    I created the folder Wallpapers with a capital W and without a capital w, with the same result, no files are shown inside that folder.

    For instructions how to create the folder wallpapers see this tutorial:

    How to change launcher background images on different App groups - Formuler Helpdesk

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