In the menu Screen resolution the display mode and color space settings are not saved

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  • When I manually change the display mode settings (in the menu Screen Resolution) to any other value than AUTO, the settings automatically default back to AUTO after exiting the menu.

    The same is true for the Color Space Settings in the menu Sreen Resolution. Any manual value chosen defaults back to Auto, even when one chooses the same value that the AUTO option selects.

    Apparently the Screen Resolution menu does not save any manual chosen values (Display Mode and/or Color Space Settings) and always defaults back to AUTO.

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  • It already sounded too good to be true.

    Did a factory reset, but it did not change the behaviour.

    I do now know when the settings default back to AUTO.

    This happens when the Z10 box is switched from ON to STANDBY and back to ON.

    The chosen settings are kept as long as the box is not switched to STANDBY (or OFF).

    But once the box is switched to standby the chosen settings default back to AUTO.

    I have

    HDMI control set to ON (Allow the TV to control Z10ProMax)

    Turn on/off TV to ON

    Wake/Sleep Z10ProMax to ON

    Player Options

    Auto Frame Rate (AFR) to OFF

    HDMI cables are 2.0 high end brands

    TV is Samsung 4K UHD

    Z10 is connected to Yamaha receiver and the receiver connected to TV

    It’s not a big issue because all Z10 functionality works well, it’s just strange that the box does not keep the chosen settings but defaults to AUTO when it goes in STANDBY mode.

    Hopefully this and the other glitch (impossible to set a custom wallpaper, see my other topic) will be solved in a future update.

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