OpenSPA 7.1 releases

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  • OPENSPA 7.1.001

    What is new

    - [formuler] Switch kernel 4.10.6
    - Fixed EPG 7 days
    - Fixed MyTube, thanks to yan12125
    - Fixed channel list issue, where channels appeared as N/A
    - Fixed PanelExtra to solve N/A issue in channel lists
    - Improvements at Notifications plugin. Now you can receive notifications in your smartphone.
    - Kodi 17.1 for Formuler F1
    - MediaCenter improvements :

    • Added new Kodi style
    • Added backdrop picture at media list screen.
    • Now, movie name is the real movie name, not file name (is essential to have movie info downloaded with spzImdb)
    • Added choice to open on last used folder or always on folder /media.
    • Fixed hang when entry in MC and try to access to a network mount wich is not available at this moment.

    - Improvements at spzImdb. Now you can download a backdrop along with the info and film cover.
    - Improvement at Plugin Browser. Now you are able to sort plugins in list.
    - Fix aspect ratio on MoviePlayer at Vuplus (until now, movies played with MediaCenter, Dreamplex, KodiLite, etc. were played stretched without black bars) .We need your tests and reports)
    - New layout for enigma2 menus.
    - Updated italian language, thanks to @hall9000

    To report bugs :…de-fallos-en-openspa.265/

    User : root
    Pass : openspa