Z10 Pro image quality

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  • I am thinking of purchasing the Z10 Pro after using the Z8 Pro for some years.

    I moved away from using the Z8 Pro as I always had an issue setting a decent picture quality on my Samsung TV's.

    I could never get it set quite right for my eyes.

    Is the Z10 Pro image output improved over the Z8?

    Thanks for any info.

    Note: I did try the Z8 calibration thread...it helped a bit but still not an image to my requirements.

  • The picture quality the Z10 ProMax is excellent and if you have a 4K TV… a poem… 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • 4k movie is flawless on my z8 as well, it all depends how you setup your gear, z10 pro has not better picture quality. Just read the specs mrneilypops and posts made til this day on the forum about the box. Less settings as well if I interpret all the complaints about the box. For sure its the newest box, but better picture quality nah, hdmi 2.1 wont make any difference if the rest of your equipment is not setup to handle it.

  • Z8 and Z8 Pro have much more tuning options to control the picture quality using the Imprex Engine:

    REMOTE-press and hold Vformat button for extended image settings=PQSettings.

    ->Imprex Engine

    The Z10 lacks all of these tuning options.

  • Blue_eyes Yes. As you see from my original post I own a Z8 Pro and have tried the calibration thread.

    I no longer use the Z8's and have reverted to nvidia shield pro (x2)

    So, no tuning options in the Z10 might be a bad thing...but it could be a good thing...

    I felt I was fighting the Z8 Imprex engine v Samsung picture settings...

    The Z10 is in my Amazon basket...just considering pushing the 'Go' button lol...

  • Just buy the Z10 Pro Max and try and decide for yourself. Unless you need a third mortgage on your house to afford one.

    Otherwise disable all picture enhancement settings on your Samsung and (only) use the Imprex engine of the Z8 to adjust the image to your preference.

    The Samsung settings can be conflicting the Imprex settings.

  • Blue_eyes Caveat emptor...that is Latin...check it out dude.

    1. I can afford to buy as many of these boxes as I could possibly want.

    2. There is a reason for a forum...to check products in advance and product advice after purchase.

    3. Why should I have to disable any Samsung settings that work perfectly fine with nvidia shields, other boxes, etc... 'Conflicting'???

    4. I have all enhancement settings disabled on all my Samsung TV's.


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    You speaking about picture quality but never told what exactly doesn`t match. What is so bad for you and ok for many others?

  • That you want me to “check it out” and addressing me as “dude” is telling a lot about your arrogance and disdain. By assuming others weren’t taught Latin you merely highlight your vanity.

    Suum cuique.

    Picture quality is a personal and subjective matter therefore it is hard to compare subjective opinions, especially on a forum.

    System settings on your TV might try to overrule identical or similar system settings on your Z8 and vice versa. Hence the suggestion to disable all picture enhancement settings on your Samsung and (only) use the Imprex engine of the Z8 to adjust the image to your preference. This minimizes the chance that either one causes a conflict of which one has control over the setting.

    I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing and that is, and that I know nothing

    Good luck hunting.

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  • hello, I have a z8 on a philips TV 4k, and a z8 pro on a samsung TV 4k and I really have a superb image quality without having made any specific settings

  • I have an old SONY BRAVIA television and the Z10 PRO, increases my picture quality, by a big margin, compared to my old cable provders quality, and I am an old man with poor eyesight! :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

  • I have a Z10pro, and I can receive HEVC channels from my provider, however when I switch I notice a discolarazation and a bad picture Quality for the first 10-20 seconds, is this inherent to HEVC, my old TV, or is it a provider service issue?

    Anyone noticing similar effects when using HEVC channels?

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    It is HLS feature, if the stream can not be send in full bitrate or not streamed at beginning with full rate and need some time to get full and constant bitrate. It starts with lower and goes to highest bitrate, in this time is the resolution much lower.

    On Z8 you can turn on or off this feature, on z10 it works automatically in background.

    HLS fast start explain.

    HLS fast start ON: Start playing the lowest bitrate first (default)

    HLS fast start OFF: Start playing the highest bitrate first.

  • Thanks Sam fore the explanation I also have the occasional loss of sound,when I switch to HEVC channel, is this also the same mechanism?

  • Hello Sam, I just found out, that my service provider also has a (HEVC/4K) channel list, and the problem of bad picture quality is totally absent when I use this list of channels and ZAP without any delay or loss of picture quality !

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    Then use this m3u playlist protocol instead other from Portal if it works better for you. My subs. don`t have problems with low bitrate, no matter if sd or 4k, full bitrate from beginning, so it is provider/protocol issue in your case.