Time and Date

  • Hi, my new Formuler Z+ box doesn't appear to have any [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] options that will allow me to manually set the time and date. There is only an automatic setting which can be toggled on or off. It doesn't make any difference which way you set this as the time always reverts to Jan 1st 2014 when it's switched off. Does anyone know how do you manually set the time and date? Thanks.
    Model - Z Plus
    S/W Version - 2.7.70
    S/W Revision - r10437

  • There is no way to manually set the time and date.

    As the Z-series devices are designed to be connected to the internet, the current date and time are gathered from the network and automatically applied.

    Are you saying the Z+ is connected to the internet, but the date and time are still incorrect?