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  • Updated my box but unfortunately it didn’t fix the slow loading EPG like I was hoping. The issue seems to be with services that use xtream codes as I’ve tried a few different services and all the EPG loaded slow apart from the service that did not use Xtream codes.

  • Hello,

    I have installed the updates in my Z+ and it's always a little slow with EPG.
    I don't know if there a way to resolve this little slowness?
    For information, i don't have this problem on a different box.

    Thank you again for your help and your excellent work.
    Best regards,

  • Like already written, is forwarded to Formuler and should be fixed in next update/updates ;) Affects all Z Boxes.

  • Any news as to when the slow EPG will be corrected?

    Great box but the EPG is useless, also the usability of opening the grid from the channel list is horrible.


  • Ok, it really does need to be addressed though.

    The EPG is directly related to the PVR functions of this box.... if they are slow or don’t work then I am better off using a cheap Android box with Perfect Player.

    I think the EPG is just loading too much data, too often, and not pre-loading when possible.

    So, pre-load EPG data once a day and cache it, also - have a setting to limit the number of days worth of data loaded as an optional item.

  • Yeah for twice the price of normal android unit the slow EPG is woeful! I have given up with MyTV Online and gone back to STB emulator rendering my purchase pointless as I had a Minix NEU-01 and the main reason for the Formuler box was the MTVOL interface for it's similarity to cable boxes! Please Please push this to be fixed! By the time I have seen EPG data I have missed 10 mins of a TV show!

  • It looks like the EPG data is not cached at all and downloads everytime.
    A few lines of code and it would cache to the box memory or external memory like the SD Slot.

  • Even if nobody want to hear it, i must say the EPG problem is not only the problem from the box! It`s slow yes, is something what need to be improved, absolutely. Does it use cache, yes ( you need only let the box load the EPG and restart the box you will see the data are still there shown.
    Is there some issue with cache, it`s possible, must be checked complete code. Does EPG depends from Provider, of course it does. Does all Providers use the same protocols and [lexicon]settings[/lexicon], of course not and that is big problem for the Box and users.

    Only for compare! I tested today 3 Portals:

    First P: Not so good supported with many buffers and horrible EPG, no EPG at all. In the Communication i read then this one open the EPG on request and only for the bouquet you need, to save bandwidth or what ever.

    Second P: Better, no buffering at all but EPG is not open for all bouqets. Don`t understand really why they turn this off it should not be so much data :(

    Third P: Wow, fast as hell and EPG open for all Bouquets. After loaded EPG it works really perfect. Here is the Box with slow loading the problem, i agree fully.
    But... this one is more expensive then other two together. Hm, bad situation.

    Wanted only to post the compare and show the differences. The Box have issues, nobody want to denies and formuler is already on this matter but we should not forget also the big differences between the providers and they [lexicon]settings[/lexicon].

  • Thanks Sam for your extensive testing.
    I'm sure more updates will come to the box and issues might improve.

    Sounds like don't go for a cheap provider is the way to go at the moment.

  • Not sure that this has to do with my provider.

    I use ProgTV, GSE, and Perfect Player - all of the EPGs work perfectly on cheap boxes.

    The only time I see a slow EPG is with my new Formuler box.