Formuler S mini problems

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  • Hello,

    I just received my formuler s mini yesterday and i am using to iptv service.

    Previously i had a formuler z prime.

    In this formuler s mini i have several problems i did not have with the z prime, i precise that i have the same iptv provider.

    So for starting the epg is not good at all, its always like 2 hours earlier than the hour set up in the box.

    Second of all time shift does not work. If i am seeing and channel and click to get it some minutes back it does nothing.

    Other point is that is not possible to record a channel and see another one at the same time...

    Is not possible as well to have 2 channels recording at the same time.

    For last if i see on epg a program that i want to record, lets say it starts in 30 mins. I keep watching an other channel meanwhile. Normally when the program i set to record starts i should receive a warning. But no. I receive nothing and it does not record. It only starts recording if i exit mytvonline app and get back in...

    Can you please help me in those questions?

    I am very disapointed with this...

    King regards.

  • Hi safd,

    i understand, its new box and need some improvements. We are already testing new S Firmware that will come in next few days, some of your reports will be fixed with this new Firmware. Please check after fw release and install, again all this points and let us know what's still wrong. Thank you for your patience.
    Please note: For full IPTV Service with your provider, you need also to register the MAC Address from S mini.

  • I had the same problem with my formuler s turbo and I adjusted the time both in [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] and in the android [lexicon]settings[/lexicon].
    You also have to set it to manual otherwise the changes it back the next day.

  • Thanks for the feedback. With newer models such as the S Series, you will find the odd bugs and issues that will arise.
    With all of your support, having this type of feedback will help us to implement bug fixes quicker. Thank you