EPG is not saved.

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  • EPG is not saved.
    When it will be fixed EPG on the satellite tuner?
    He constantly disappears. Works disgusting. This product should not be given to the public. You need a lot of testing and then update that everyone was happy.
    Please help in solving this problem.

  • All Boxes have problems at beginning, so this either. We are collecting all issues, discuss about this and send them to Formuler. Please give them enough time to improve this issue, it will work like it should be and at end all happy ;)

  • I will support the colleague of arion75, they had enough time to solve this problem but to a regret this time passes in empty...

    also for it and drivers with Formuler mips, a skok it is possible to wait, in the first it is SAT boxing and all the rest has to be on the second plan if the producer wants to increase sale of the boxes let though listens not much and answers itself our questions at this forum....

  • I´agree with you, is already reported to Formuler.

    let's be realists, from you we hear it not for the first time, but as the fact of it doesn't occur...

    honestly I didn't expect from Formuler such without responsibility... :thumbdown:

    I don't advise the friends and relatives to buy Formuler boxes....

  • This EPG thread is already off topic and we discussed this matter already 100 times, even if 1 Million postings comes how something bad is, this will nothing change and make only existing threads off topic.
    You and some others make your point and i accept this. Something what i can not change. Each one know what is best for him.
    My job is to forward and try to Help and i think, i did it always without compromise. What Formuler do is there decision. Thats all i can say!

  • @ SAM
    To you there is no pritenzy!
    We understand that you are simply a link between users and the manufacturer.
    We just have very bad English and maybe you do not understand it correctly.
    Claims on the manufacturer, not on you!
    Sorry! :rolleyes:

  • Would all of us speak same language, it would be so much easier to understand each other and live on this World :) Unfortunately all of us don`t speak same language and there are many places for misunderstanding or even less patience to read, let some time pass and then to understand what other want to say. Written text is always different like spoken with eye contact. We four know each other almost from beginning of this Board, since F3 start and i know very well the problematic of open issues. My English is also bad so what and so long as we can understand half of text what other say, will be enough, other half is imagine ;) I never told or was thinking that you saying something bad against me, believe me meanwhile i can handle this without problems and ignore if necessary, because i know very well what is ok and what not. Criticism must always have good background otherwise its for nothing. In my eyes i see Formuler as one, maybe small but very good company, with very nice Team and big potential and they do what they can, i know it. Maybe its not enough for you but enough for other happy Users. Not each is Power-User and need all services available out there. Tell me which Manufacturer would let leading Programmer contacts over 1Month Test Users and try to solve they reported issues directly, not to forget he gave also many hours from his free time to help (our conversation thread with over 570 postings)!. I think no one or very small part of them. Not to speak about changed Tech. and Tech. they needed to continue with work from others. Technique is not always simple. Ing. have always very hard work and Bug-fixing is very hard, you fix something in Code and on other place appears new one, because there are always associations in code. How ever, i could write until next week and would not come to the end. Is there some perfect E2 STB? Sorry i didn't saw them yet, all of them have they own problems and Bugs that never disappear. Also, there will never come some STB with worldwide perfect support, if you only look how much different CI Cards and Modules are in use, its almost impossible to get all compatible. Then comes the continuous Sat. and Channel changes, its always something where you need to code again and again and the time is always rare. At the end i can only say again, open issues will be considered and for this are always important wise, clear, understandable and detailed reports. If you don't get this, then you can`t start with Bugfixing. Old issues (E2) are not forgotten, they are on hold and need time because the available resources (Men power) are on new projects Z and S Series. All of us know very well, no new Series with success, no new Box and at end no company. All of us must do his part also the Customers, some with wise Criticism, some with help to report, others with User to User help and how to`s to let the community grow but not with words like: No advise to friends and relatives to buy Formuler boxes because you are not happy. This just damages all and don`t need to discuss great. At end, this marketplace is highly competitive and some big players made hard decisions to survive but not everyone will survive, some of them goes already complete new way! Also Formuler looks exactly what happens and try to do the best, maybe its not always the best for User but maybe for the future ;) I hope all of us will go together trough good times but also trough bad times, only this leads to success and nothing else ;) Its my own opinion and i thank you for hearing me, cheers :)