Dropped frames in Kodi /YouTube etc.

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  • Hi!
    I noticed dropped frames particularly every 60 sec. in Kodi and YouTube. The funny thing is if I rewind and play it again it happens at other places of the video. My guess: some service/daemon is halting the box for a short second. Is this bug a known bug?

    Alle 60 Sekunden bei Kodi und anderen Apps wie YouTube stottert das Bild. Wenn ich zurückspule und es wieder abspiele, geschieht es an anderen Stellen des Videos.

    Meine Vermutung: Ein Service / Daemon hält die Box für eine kurze Sekunde an. Ist dieser Fehler ein bekannter Fehler?

  • First time hearing of this.

    STB Firmware version? System Info >> Application Version

    Provide a sample of the media file you are playing back in KODI or the name of the Youtube video.
    Will try to reproduce.

    Also enable "stats for nerds" during Youtube playback and provide video or screenshot when you get dropped frames.

  • OS is the latest: 2017.09.26, Loader Version L1.1, Kernel Version T7.0-r11213

    It happens both with Youtube and Kodi. Notice the dropped frames. It happens in all videos with Youtube or Kodi.
    This happens exactly every 60 seconds.
    Also if there is slow music the music becomes faster and slower and it almost sounds like the batteries are getting empty.
    Maybe it is a bug with the frame adjustment (24hz, 25hz, 50hz, 60hz)?

    View My Video
    Mirror: https://www.file-upload.net/do…20171115_1952270.mp4.html

    View My Video
    Mirror: https://www.file-upload.net/do…20171115_1945000.mp4.html

  • Hi. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos.

    I tried to reproduce your Youtube issue with my S Turbo, but didn't get any dropped frames or audio distortion.
    Link to my Video

    Can you provide the following info so we can try to match your usage environment?

    • Screenshot of your System Info menu
      • The latest software application version is 1.4.8 r11616. Build date 2017.11.10
    • Current STB output resolution setting
    • List of user-installed apps/plugins
    • Make/Model of TV

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  • Here are the photos: https://imgur.com/a/kjYWL
    You can see that I cannot get a newer update than the one mentioned.

    STB resolution: I have switched between all of them (4k 50hz, 4k 60hz, 1080p 60hz, 1080p 50hz, ...). Unfortunately it did not fix anything.

    TV: Panasonic TX 55CXW 705. My Amazon Fire TV 4k (2015) worked fine.