Formuler Z7+ Remote Programming (Learning Mode)

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  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to program the Formuler Z7+ Remote using the IR learning where the instrucions are printed on the back of the STB Remote.

    1 - Press and Hold (TV) for 5 seconds. The LED goes from blinking to solid and STB RCU enters Learning Mode.
    2 - Press the key to be programmed on this RCU. Led begins blinking slowly. Key is ready to accept programming.

    I have no problems with step one, the remotes enter on Learning Mode. But once step 2 once I press any button I want to programm the LED goes of instead of begining blinking.

    Here is a small video from my experience:

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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    Try like in this instruction -> S Series Instructions / S Serie Anleitungen
    Info: Radio controlled TV RCU don`t work, only IR.

  • Only 2 keys can be can be programmed!

    What is the porpuse on that? Makes no sense at all. You should be ablle to programm all keys so you can use only one remote and get rid of the TV remote.

    Getting disappointed.

  • @ARAmos

    You can power on/off TV and change source to box and start wichever app you want to use. Of course with box you can do whatever you want, its the box's RCU! All steps with ONE remote on you hands... What more do you really need???

    Edit: if you could programm all keys for TV, what would you use to control your STB then? You'll just end up with two TV RCUs!




    If you could programm all keys for TV, what would you use to control your STB then?

    It's easier than you think.

    I have the Air mouse on the image below. It works just great it is Air mouse and also have a keybooard on the back.

    When you press the (TV) button once you enter on TV remote, and all buttons work for the TV and you can programm all buttons to replace the TV remote.

    Press (TV) button again and you enter on BOX remote, all buttons work now for the BOX. I'm using it with Formuler Z7+ without any problem at all, of course is not compatible with Mytvonline.

    I'm hable to control my TV and the Formuler with the same remote. See this video for full details how it works

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    So NIGHTSHADE, not so dificult :smiling_face:

    Maybe some one can pass the idea to Formuler for future upgrade and remote replacement.


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    All fine with your Air Mouse but you forget one, the Airmouse is universal RCU and spez.create for use with many different devices and Formuler RCU is for Formuler Box with two learnable Buttons. I think there is big difference, don`t you think?

  • I have a picture of the remote I received with my Formuler Z7+ which is different than the remote shown in the video in the first post of this thread.

    How do I program mine so that I can turn off my TV? This way I don't have to power off my Formuler Z7+ with its remote and use another remote to power off my TV.


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    Showed RCU is for North America and Canada area and have other specs. Showed RCU on video in first post is for EU area.
    I don`t really know if yours can be programmed, i don`t have any sample to check this. Do you have on backside printed how to for programming on RCU? See Attachment.

  • No it's blank. I guess that means I can't program it. I am from the U.S. and ordered it from Canada. Is there a way to buy the programming remote or are there other remotes that work with Formuler Z7+?

  • I have a Logitech Harmony hub with the smart remote and I am able to control all of my devices with it. They didn't have the Z7+ listed a compatible model yet but the Z+ was on there and it works and I haven't had any issues with it. I'm not sure if the cheaper Logitech remotes would work but it could be worth it.

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    Don`t know what the seller in Canada all have, but you could ask him if he have EU Model for sale. Should not be so expensive and yes almost all Formuler RCU`s works with all Formuler Boxes, even with E2 Boxes. I would suggest you the small one, have nice button pressure and is much more silent then the other one.

  • rjm_27, I also have a Harmony remote setup, and I agree that it works really well with this box. My only gripe is that since the box turns off by itself after a period of inactivity, the Harmony activity gets out of sync with the box, and since the box only supports PowerToggle and not a dedicated PowerOn/Off, the only way to get the 2 back in sync is to pull out the original box remote, or to unplug the box. This is less-than-ideal, so I wanted to get your opinion on how you personally work around this issue. Here's a thread elaborating further on my issue: Formuler Remote IR Codes

  • I read your other post too and I think I understand your issue. You are correct there doesn't seem to be dedicated codes\signals for power on and off. I have some problems with the power but I don't really have the problem with things getting out of sync. Sometimes it looks like things are out of sync but usually at that point I can't power on the stb even using the Formuler remote. I switch over to the video for it and it's basically a blank blue screen. So I have to pull power on it. I'm not sure what the inactivity period is but I the power setting on mine is set for standby and not power off. Not sure if that matters.

    Another one of my biggest gripes is because the guide always has to rebuild every time you exit the app or the box powers down I've been considering changing things and taking it out of the activities and leave it powered on until it goes into standby. I'm thinking of making a dedicated button to power off\on the stb across the activities I use the most to have a little more control over it. I haven't decided if I want to do it or not but I know you mentioned you'd rather not have to have a separate button for the power.

    Not sure if that helps at all but I've only had mine for a couple weeks and this is my first adventure into this sort of thing so I'm still trying to figure out tricks and tweaks to make it work for me.

  • I was considering leaving mine always on as well, however, I was also concerned about using up extra bandwidth for no reason. And if I did what you are suggesting, I feel like that an extra step that my friends and family would have to know, and wouldn't be as simple or intuitive as telling them to simply press this one button. I might look into it, but I really hope the Formuler team could simply add 2 extra IR commands in the next software update, and then this solves everything! The great thing about Harmony is they will update their device profiles if you can provide documentation of additional IR codes from the device's manufacturer!

    Agreed about the guide issues -- SAM has said several times that Formuler is going to fix the EPG slowness.

    Good luck in customizing the box to work for you! It's definitely an amazing device -- there's a handful of little issues here and there, but overall, it's truly one of the best IPTV experiences you can get.

  • I think there is a need to have programmable buttons for the volume also.

    If you have the volume on your TV set to very low the last time you used it, it may be too low for use together with the Z7+, and then you'll have to dig out the TV remote to raise the volume to an acceptable level. After that, you could go on with the Z7+ remote to adjust volume - but you can't rely on the Z7+ remote alone if the volume on the TV is too low to begin with.

    Programmable volume buttons would solve this, don't you think? What are your opinions?

  • Don`t know what the seller in Canada all have, but you could ask him if he have EU Model for sale. Should not be so expensive and yes almost all Formuler RCU`s works with all Formuler Boxes, even with E2 Boxes. I would suggest you the small one, have nice button pressure and is much more silent then the other one.

    I finally found that remote. Now I can turn off/on my tv and Formuler with one remote and don't have to hear that clicking sound from pressing the buttons anymore. Especially when changing the volume/channels.