Question for Formuler: Will there be improved EPG for XCAPI protocol in the future

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  • Dear employees of Formuler connected to this forum,

    I have been following this forum from the beginning of this year.

    From the beginning of this year there has been a request from Z11 box users to fix/improve the grid EPG for XCAPI protocol users.

    After several updates there was no fix.

    Also the beta release of the major update does not mention anything about a fix for grid EPG on XCAPI protocol.

    Connected to this there has been proposed to bring back recording options for single EPG to overcome the shortcomings for the grid EPG.

    In the change log also nothing related to this solution is mentioned.

    All the updates are very much appreciated but i think it will be good and rightful for the users of the Z11 to know what is the status for fixing grid EPG.

    So could anyone of Formuler tell if there will be a fix for this in the future?

    Or do we just need to switch to stalker protocol?

    Thank you

  • Thanks for asking about this ongoing issue so politely :grinning_squinting_face: