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  • Customers are complaining about the following:

    1. WiFi keeps disconnecting
    2. The launcher crashes once connected to the LAN Port.
    3. I'm not sure why the VOD section is giving problems with playing movies.
    4. Does the PIP mode on the remote work.
    5. Is it possible to change the background and configure other features on the S Mini.
    6. loading issues within the MOL app.
    7. Delay with populating the epg guide quickly when pressed.

  • Hi,

    Need more details about your issues to provide any support.
    Just listing symptoms doesn't help.
    Please provide steps to reproduce the issues and/or images/videos of the specific problems.

    1. Known issue. This happens when configuring WiFi with the Android System menu. Use the DVB Setting menu to configure WiFi in the meantime. Will be patched in 1.5.2
    2. Firmware Version? Need steps to reproduce.
    3. Which app? MYTVOnline? Which version? What kind of problems? The questions are endless
    4. Yes. When watching TV with the DVB interface
    5. Which background? Which "other features"
    6. What are the exact symptoms?
    7. Which TP? Which Satellite provider? Which EPG? Satellite? IPTV? MYTVOnline?

    Unsolicited PMs for support will be ignored.

    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • Hello,I have some problems with my Formuler S-mini.

    1:VOD have a lot of buffering, I have install the Audio codec package but I have still the problems

    I have this problem also whit IPTV bit that problem its solved whit install the package.

    Aplication version: 1.5.2-r12500
    Mytv app: v1.0808-r1378
    internet: Kabel

  • Please check your connection first, router restart can also help.
    Second try with higher value for buffering in your [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] from MYTVO.