Audio Track Not Insync With Videos

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  • First thing i would do is contact my provider(s) about the issue.

    Secondly i would try other than mol3,e.g tivimate or Smarters app to check if the problem is also present there.

  • Lipsync seems to be off by a second or two in several VODs lately. Does anyone know how to fix if there is a fix?

    I was having a similar problem a few weeks ago with random VODs (same VOD series and season - but different episodes). The audio and video sync would start fine, but after a few minutes it would gradually be more and more out of sync. Eventually everything would play with no sound at all. If I showed the program "Info", the bit rate and frames/second rate would show "0".

    If I then selected the "Rewind <<" button once, the audio and video would start again (and be in sync again). The bit rate and frames/second rate would show the normal expected results (like 14.1 Mbps and 24 fps). After a few minutes the audio and video would begin to become out of sync again. As you might imagine it's very annoying to have to watch an episode this way.

    The interesting thing is that:

    If I watched the next episode in the series (immediately after the 'bad' episode), the next episode in the series would play perfectly fine. It was very random (perhaps 2 'good' then 1 'bad'). Stopping a 'bad' episode one day and starting it again the next day would not fix the issue.

    If anyone is wondering, I have done the 'Audio Optimization' (from the App). Also, turning "VOD Auto frame Rate (AFR)" ON/OFF (in "Settings > Player Options") did not seem to help either.

    I'm wondering if it's possible that the 'bad' episodes were not created properly? @JCT3, I agree that you should start your investigation at the provider's end as @henkie suggests.